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Three cases caused the closure of another city in China

China on his toes. In less than a month, Chinese New Year, the world’s largest travel weekend, will coincide with the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics. These are the events that characterize the country Zero tolerance for covid-19 during trialThe authorities are now doing their best to stop the spread of infection.

Liuzhou, a city of 1.1 million people in Henan Province, announced on Tuesday its lockdown after only three asymptomatic cases. All transportation is suspended and residents are urged to stay at home. Only grocery stores are open and the city is preparing to complete 5,000 quarantine rooms by Wednesday.

Thus, the people of Liuzhou go to meet the same fate as the residents of Liuzhou Xi’an, a city of 13 million people, which has been closed since December 22.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway fully before the Olympics. This week, thousands of Olympic organization staff and volunteers went into the bubble that even participants will be forced into, meaning they are only allowed to move between hotels, training facilities and competition arenas. They are not allowed to meet anyone outside the bubble and are only allowed to travel on designated transportation.

With this approach, China hopes to maintain its zero tolerance for the virus. A policy that includes lockdowns similar to those in Liuzhou, about 700 kilometers southwest of Beijing, has now been implemented.

Other components are mass tests once a case is detected, infection tracking, population movement patterns monitoring, fever checks and applications where all information about a person’s tests, vaccinations and recent travels are displayed.

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In the city of Xi’an, where the lockdown To heavy criticism from residents complaining about not having enough to eat, the prevalence of infection now appears to be declining. On Tuesday, 35 new cases were reported, previously it was about 100 a day.

But expressions of dissatisfaction persist from the isolated population. They complain that they do not have enough food, that it is difficult to get the necessary medicines and that emergency hospital trips are delayed due to the failure to accept patients until they can show a negative Covid test result.