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Biden’s attack on Trump: “a dagger at the throat of democracy”

Biden made the principle not to mention Trump by name. Instead, he called him “the former president.”

So even during the half-hour speech in Congress Thursday morning local time, in a splendid auditorium decorated with statues representing famous Americans – one of the rooms that Trump supporters stormed into exactly one year ago.

More clear than before The president blamed Trump for the storm.

Here’s the truth: The former president weaved a web of lies around the 2020 elections. He did so because he values ​​power above principles, because he sees his own interests more important than the state, because his wounded egos mean more to him than our democracy and our constitution. He couldn’t accept that he lost.

Biden said he still wanted to work with Republican politicians who champion democracy — while saying that “many others are turning this party into something else.”

It was a clear sign Against the majority of Republicans who still support Trump. Biden accuses this camp of being “the dagger in the throat of American democracy.”

Lies about the 2020 election mean Trump is banned from social media. On US television broadcasts, many stated that he must have itchy fingers on the ex-president – speech like this, Trump might have been described in real time if only he had been able to.

Especially since Biden has also spun into combinations known to irritate bile fever on the actor.

– He’s not just a former boss. He is a defeated ex-president who lost more than seven million votes.

Several difficult combinations The speech was released out in advance by the White House. But some commentators in the United States are still surprised by the conflicting tone of Biden’s speech.

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He writes: “The speech was shocking from a president who sees himself as political bridge building.” Carl Hulse, The New York Times He points out harsh words against Republicans.

“This can be seen as a turning point for a politician who always thought he could collaborate with just about anyone.”

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