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Three newborn siblings were abandoned within seven years

Three newborn siblings were abandoned within seven years

The girl was no more than an hour old when she was found wrapped in a towel in a bag in Greenway Park, east London. It was a cold January night this year, so the medical staff named her Elsa after a character in the movie Frost.

Through DNA tests, it has now been possible to prove that Elsa has the same parents as Roman and Harry – two newborn children who were also abandoned and found in gardens not far from the Greenway.

Elsa's parents, Roman and Harry, have not yet been identified. But London Police are urging anyone with information about the events to come forward.

Information that British media reported on Tuesday that the children were biological siblings. The East London Family Court had previously banned the media from covering the siblings. But the BBC and the Palestinian News Agency appealed the decision. They said media reports about the siblings could help police find the parents, and the court order was quashed.

Carol Atkinson, senior judge at the Family Court, acknowledged there would be an “enormous public interest” in the relationship between the siblings.

“It is very unusual for children to be abandoned in this country,” Carol Atkinson tells the BBC.

The older brothers, Roman and Harry, were adopted, and Elsa remains in foster care.

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