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Louis Vuitton accused of cultural appropriation |  the world

Louis Vuitton accused of cultural appropriation | the world

Traditional Romanian blouse with hand embroidery.

Photo: Vadim Gerda/AP TT

Six-year-old Anna wears traditional dress.

Photo: Vadim Gerda/AP TT

Two years ago, the Roman blouse, commonly called Ai, was added to UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage of the world.

And now she's turning heads again – thanks to Louis Vuitton.

Rage against Louis Vuitton

It is a piece of clothing included in the French fashion house's 2024 collection, which is considered similar to the traditional handmade Romanian blouse, which sparked reactions, he writes. Watchman. Earlier this week, online fashion promotion collective La Blouse Roumaine accused Louis Vuitton of “violating the cultural rights” of the communities where the blouses are made. They believe the blouse's status as a cultural icon is not recognized – and they want Louis Vuitton to remove their garment until an agreement is reached.

-We must protect our intangible cultural heritage. It is our cultural right to express our identity through these clothes, through these traditional costumes, says the group's founder, Andrea Diana Tanasescu. AP. e4 b822e569cf7f81e6d4%7Ctwcon%5Es1_& %2Farticle%2F2024%2Fjun%2F05%2Louis Vuitton accused of cultural appropriation of a Romanian blouse

“It takes away the originality”

Blouse Roumaine, a Romanian blouse retailer, even accuses Louis Vuitton of cultural appropriation, The Guardian writes. He believes that the fashion house, along with many other fashion houses – such as Tom Ford and Dior – removes “the cultural significance, authenticity and stories that skilled Romanian craftsmen have woven into every thread” when they design clothes that resemble Roman clothing. clothes.

Even Romanian Culture Minister Raluca Turcan has joined the debate and now wants Louis Vuitton to “recognize the heritage and cultural value of the traditional blouse model.”

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The Guardian and the AP sought out Louis Vuitton, but he did not return.