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Three signs that Russia is forced to join forces

Three signs that Russia is forced to join forces

It is said that Russia is now working to move its reserve forces closer to the Ukrainian border for future operations and attacks. This was announced by the British Ministry of Defense on Saturday.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Joachim Pasekevi, this is just a sign that Russia is currently having a hard time making up for its losses – financially but above all when it comes to personnel.

– This indicates that you do not have much, if you do not do a full mobilization in Russia and there are no signs of this.

Major problems in the technical service life

Another sign that Russia is currently facing major resource problems is the information that Russia has started using outdated models, especially when it comes to military equipment such as tanks. Joakim Paasikivi points out that the only reasonable reason for bringing it in was a shortage of modern tools.

– It is possible, then, that they are not spread on the front lines, but are spread in the so-called people’s republics, he said.

One consequence of this is that the Russian forces will have problems with the term of technical service:

– Engines will break and the cannon or fire tubes will run out after a few thousand shots and then it must be refurbished. Then it comes to the question of the workshop and the new production capacity that Russia possesses.

It is interesting that you take bandages from Alcorti

A third sign that Russia is having a hard time making up for its losses is the satellite imagery provided svenska yell It was published this week, indicating that the Russian military base in Alcorte was suddenly emptied of military equipment.

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It’s not the first time you’ve taken off your military bases, says Joachim Pacekevi, but to take them from Alcorte is special.

– To take units of this brigade, I think, is especially wonderful. It is there to protect the best of you, your nuclear submarines in Murmansk, he says and continues:

– Take what you have. And then you have to go to the units you thought you could secure.