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Women’s March: “No Demonstration – Directed Civil Disobedience”

Women’s March: “No Demonstration – Directed Civil Disobedience”

President Joe Biden wrote on Friday By presidential order Which aims to protect the right to free abortion in the country. The order came after HD’s historic decision to tear up Roe v. Wade, a cornerstone of the US free abortion law, earlier in June. Through the order, Biden, among other things, tasked the Department of Health with protecting the right to abortion pills and contraceptives.

Now the Women’s March hit back and said the presidential order was far from enough.

Waiting two weeks to give a speech and sign a piece of paper isn’t enough, CEO Rachel O’Leary says in a press release.

Women’s March: “Targeted Civil Disobedience”

According to the organization, the protest will not take the form of a regular mass demonstration. Instead, a Saturday event called “targeted civil disobedience.” It was also reported that no special measures would be taken to avoid arrests during Saturday’s protest.

According to SVT’s foreign correspondent, Carl Fridh Kleberg, who is in the White House, several protesters have already gathered at the president’s residence. Another 1,000 protesters gathered in a nearby park on their way to the site.

Many may have expected a higher turnout, but the attendees are expressing very disturbing feelings and disappointment with the Biden administration, he says.

Amnesty: ‘Don’t underestimate the number of abortions’

Since Roe v. Wade was overturned, many states have now severely restricted abortion rights, something that Amnesty International’s Katharina Berghead believes does not decrease the number of abortions statistically, but only increases the number of unsafe abortions performed. and make marginalized groups more likely to access safe care.

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One cannot expect a 50-year regression of women’s rights in time without encountering resistance. The alternative is not to remain silent when you are being denied a basic human right, Katharina Berghead, an expert on women’s rights at Amnesty International, tells SVT.

She also believes that the US decision may have global consequences as more countries that wish to introduce restrictive abortion laws may now use the US as an example.