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Tik Tok is benefiting from Syrian help seekers

Tik Tok is benefiting from Syrian help seekers

It stems from an examination conducted by the British General Services Company BBC executed.

Kids asking for money on Tiktok has become a new phenomenon. Kids stream live from the camps and request digital gifts that can later be converted into cash.

Tiktok representatives say that this type of content is not allowed on the app and that the company will take swift action against “exploitative begging”.

But at the same time, the review shows that families are helped by so-called “Tik Tok brokers” who provide them with phones and equipment for live broadcasts.

These brokers say they work for Tiktok-linked agencies in China and the Middle East that have given families access to the accounts.

The agencies are supposed to be part of Tiktok’s global strategy to recruit live streams and encourage users to spend more time on the app.

The BBC participated in broadcasts that raised up to $1,000, about 11,300 Swedish kronor. But people in the camps receive only a small part of the amount collected.

Tiktok does not want to limit how much commission the company takes. However, the company states that it is well below 70 percent.

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