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Państwowa Agencja Atomistyki rozpatrzy wniosek Orlen Synthos Green Energy w sprawie technologii SMR.

Tiny atom in Poland is getting closer. State agency will evaluate Orlen’s application of SMR reactors – Economy

PKN Orlen asserts that “this reactor is currently the most advanced technology in the world on its way to commercialization.” Earlier, the first such application was presented in Poland for the evaluation of SMR technology by the KGHM.

Technology under control

The National Atomic Energy Agency announced in a press release that its experts will verify whether the documents submitted by Orlin “comply with the nuclear safety and radiological protection requirements resulting from the provisions of the law.” The President of the Bureau shall issue his opinion on this matter within six months.

“In complex cases, this period can be extended for another three months” – it is noted. CEO Daniel Obajtek, quoted in PKN Orlen’s statement, believes that ensuring a stable power supply to the Polish system requires the rapid implementation of nuclear technologies.

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– For this to work, we have to rely on proven technologies, which is what we enjoy from BWRX exclusivity. This technology has the highest thermal efficiency. It is also very important to have a partner who has extensive experience in implementing nuclear technology and can be a world leader in the development of SMR technology – emphasized.

KGHM is also developing SMR

Also yesterday, the KGHM submitted an application to the National Atomic Energy Agency for the implementation of small modular reactors – SMR., IAR, md

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