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TJ Parker, Asvel coach: ‘We haven’t seen our smooth game’

TJ Parker, coach of Asvel, who received his first defeat of the season in all competitions against Maccabi Tel Aviv (85-93). : “It’s hard to take. We have to congratulate the opponent who took a lot of hard shots. We weren’t there tonight but we still struggled at -16. There will be a lot of details to review in the video. They attacked us with their strength. We didn’t witness our smooth play, we were very still.” It would be good to find Antoine (Deut) and David (Layte). The messages pass on victory as in defeat. We learn from both. Players will have a day off, to go back to work afterwards.”

We didn’t know how to challenge them as we wanted. We’re running out of energy.”

Charles Kahudi Wing and Captain of Asphalt

Charles Kahudi Wing and Captain of Asphalt : “They played a very big game, they gave big shots, it’s a talented team, we didn’t know how to challenge them like we wanted. We ran out of energy. It’s four games in six days, it leaves traces. We’re in a tense period. It’s just a losing game. Invincible, He was going to stop. The most important thing is not that. We fought to the end.”