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Tokyo 2020. Athletics.  The final of the women's relay in the 4x100 meter race is not for Polish women.  Marika Popovich-Trapana bids farewell

Tokyo 2020. Athletics. The final of the women’s relay in the 4×100 meter race is not for Polish women. Marika Popovich-Trapana bids farewell

The Polish women did not qualify for the women’s relay final in the 4×100 meters. Despite a strong line-up including Marika Popovich-Trapana, Claudia Adamek, Paulina Baloch and Pia Skrysovska, they reached 43.09 seconds, which was not enough to go further.

Why did Polish women score poorly?

Baton’s last delivery moment seems to have been the main reason for our failure. It was then that Skrysovska, despite her good intentions, started very quickly, so she could not catch the balloon, and then the whole flow of Polish women lost its dynamics and fluidity. The young competitor then made up a lot of losses, but was elevated to the next stage of the piano-cervoni competition.

Popowicz-Drapała bids farewell to the Olympics

After the run, the Polish women spoke to a DVB Sport reporter. – We got the best result of the season, but it didn’t run successfully. Even though the coach noticed that we would not be here if the Olympics had been held the previous year, we were still hungry. This is the last event like this for me. I am happy to be able to participate in this group because a good team is being formed here – said Popovich-Trapana.

– Our dreams do not end there – Adamek said later. – We have failed now, but there are good prospects for the future – echoed Skrysovska.

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