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Like Raksha - the most famous face of Polish cinema.  Why did the actress give up her career?

Like Raksha – the most famous face of Polish cinema. Why did the actress give up her career?

Pola Raksa won the hearts of the audience with her role as “Marusia” in the series “Czterej pancerni i pies”. However, at the height of his fame, he decided to retire from acting. What was the reason for her sudden resignation from her profession? Biographer and journalist Krzysztof Tomasik told Dzień Dobry about this on TVN.

“The Face of Bola Rakshi”

Like Raksha is a Polish film, drama and television actress. She found her way to the picture through a photo accidentally taken at Paul Bar. Thus began his career. Played by the artist “Satan of the seventh grade”He later won the hearts of the audience with his role in the series “Four Tankmen and a Dog”. The star took everyone away with a smile and a look.

How do others remember working with one of the best Polish artists? – She was very tough and sharp – Says director Janus Majewski. – She has this gift, and she is the person you want to see, hear, and embrace in its light. This is a personality – says Jacek Lutomski, former president of Rzeczpospolita.

Although Ruxa had the status of the best star of Polish cinema in the 1960s and 1970s, audiences associated him with the Marucia series. At the height of his career, he decided to drop film and drama for his passion for fashion. She started a fashion column in Rzeczpospolita’s “Magazyn”.

Her entrance was amazing – it was always a hat, a scarf and the way she walked on this sidewalk, I remember so many entrances to this day – Recalled Jacek Ludomsky. – He turned off, but for many years we met somewhere – says actress Maria Mamona.

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Like Roxy – Movie Life

Why did Raksha drop his acting like? Many fans of the artist pose this question to this day. It is only known that he lives near Warsaw. –

– There is really no definite answer, we can only guess (…). Mature women have no roles, only personal factors. In fact, what is the specific reason? We do not know – Biographer and journalist Krzysztof Tomasik agrees.

However, as the author of the autobiography “The Face of Bola Raksha” insists, the actress appeared in the media many years after the end of her career. In the 1990s, he appeared on television, gave interviews, starred in commercials, and participated in numerous parties. – His latest activity is the fashion columns for “Magazyn” Rzeczpospolita – Our guest points out.

What surprised him the most when compiling an autobiography about Box like that? – From a DVD version of “Four Tankman and a Dog”, Bola Raksha’s late “face” surprised me the most. Pola Raksa agreed to appear in the extensions, along with two other actors to comment on the first four episodes of the series – Krzysztof Tomasik insisted.

– His comments there are very cool, funny, eloquent and divided. In those four hours, she bought me, and her figure was totally guilty (…). In two years there are no signs that she will leave completely and leave public and professional life – He says briefly.

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