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Two defeats in the Polish league match.  Favorite over the slope

Two defeats in the Polish league match. Favorite over the slope

Nisa’s team was the red light of Plaslica throughout the season. However, in the final matches of the regular phase, he caught the wind in his boat and left last place. For this, he needed three points in the capital. He was close, but had been frustrated for a few weeks now, and the plan got him off his knees and led to a tie-break. In it, however, he left the tone and could find himself bustling outside the play-off zone.

The guests were attacked from the start of the match. He started them Zouheir EL GraouiWho quickly earned a point through his service. However, after a few minutes, they lost their momentum. The project was conducted through websites Bardos Kuvolek.

However, the people of Warsaw were only guided for a moment. The guests raised a lot of balls in defense, and excelled in El Grove and offense Wasim Ben Tara. However, the 25:20 win was sealed when he was brought in from the bench Kamil TepskyThis surprised competitors with the service.

In recent weeks both teams have been moving in opposite directions. PSG Stal have won three of their last four matches and Cerrad Enea Czarnych began to advance to the final on the Radom schedule. The project has been failing competitively, winning only three of the last 12 games.

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This attitude pushed him from the top of the table into the top eight. Health problems contributed to this. On Friday, the Warsaw team finally joined the full team, three of the top six world champions. But there was no improvement in the game.

Guests were present from the start of the second set. They got the first point of the match through a block and returned to their rivals by four points. For a moment, the people of Warsaw tried to respond to the attacks from within, but their rivals were provoked more and more by each successive action. He joined his colleagues in good plays Kamil Kwazovsky. The PSG stall already had a six-point lead. This allowed her to relax and win 25:20.

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Project Coach Andrea Anastasia He withdrew in the third set Igor GrobelnyWho had problems with admission. He replaced him Arthur Salbok. Only Nisa’s fast bowlers started the game with a 6: 1 lead. But quickly they wasted the advantage and a 10:10 draw appeared on the scoreboard. Eventually the Warsaw Hall saw stiff competition from the fans. It lasted until the end of the set. However, the project took the initiative, Kuvolek worked well again and the hosts won 25:23.

In the third set, PSG Stalin’s leaders attacked the formula of the game and knocked it out. Marcin Commanda He did not invent a new idea to surprise his competitors. After appearing in the game, the guests stood against the wall – failure in the next game signifies the end of dreams of leaving the last seat. In the fourth set, incl. Thanks for the good licks Dushan PetkovichThey already lost by four points.

Although they led to a draw, in the second half of the game, the project turned out better. Ben Tara had problems with contractions, and her peers were significantly reduced. The hosts won 25:20, destroying PSG Stal’s hopes of finishing 13th in the league.

However, guest coach Daniel Blinsky did not want to give the reserve a chance. PSG Stal’s playing position was significant for teams competing for a place in the play-offs. And NICA players, including. Thanks to Ben Tara’s excellent service, they took the lead 8: 5 when turning pages. The people of Warsaw chased their rivals, but in the end they made a mistake with Salpuk. Andrzej Wrona. The guests won 15:12.

Project failure guarantees GKS Katowice a place in the playoffs On Friday he defeated Slobsk Malovsky 3-2. The Warsaw team is in eighth place, but they are only six points ahead of Trefl Gdańsk. The Tri-City volleyball players will also play in three more matches. The PSG Stal play-off match will be a long wait for a contender – the match is not scheduled until the second half of May.

Project: Petković, Wrona, Kwolek, Trinidad, Nowakowski, Grobelny – Wojtaszek (libero) and Szalpuk, Blankenau, Superlak

PSG Stall: Ben Tara, M’Baye, El Graoui, Komenda, Zajder, Kwasowski – Dembiec (libero) and Szwaradzki, Dębski, Schamlewski, Bućko

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