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A TVP journalist does not leave a dry thread in the stock!

A TVP journalist does not leave a dry thread in the stock!

The headline ending the collaboration with Michał Doleżal showed that there was a conflict in the PZN-Jumpers line. TVP journalist Maciej Jabłoński spoke harshly about Kamil Stoch on social media.

Lucas Witzick

Kamil Stoch

WP SportoweFakty / Jakub Janecki / Photo: Kamil Stoch

At the World Cup weekend at Sky Jumping in Blanica, it became clear that Michael Dolce would not be coaching the Polish national team. This was opposed by Kamil Stoch, David Kubaki and Pyotr yła, who openly criticized PZN activists when they aired on TVN and Eurosport.

Adam Małysz was heavily attacked, and Stokes did not let him down. In an interview with our portal, the PZN director said he would like to talk to Stokes about the jumper’s new coach, but he has not agreed to do so this season.

Maciej Jabłoński, TVP journalist, spoke in strong words on Facebook about the conflict in the PZN-Żyła, Stoch and Kubacki line. He created a long post in which he never left the three-time Olympic champion.

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“Michal Doleżał is comfortable. Because he’s a dodo, he’s sewn the suit, so the volleyball players can put him on his head like he’s climbing on Jacek Navroki’s and they want to pick the line for the match themselves. He’s comfortable and hears Grzegorz Sobczyk say, Is less “- wrote Japlonsky.

“I’m almost 50 years old, I’m been jumping for over a decade. I saw Kamil Stokes in his teens. You know what? I do not like his boredom. I do not like him acting maliciously. In front of the camera, they make fun of me and his friends” – he added.

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Japlonsky recalls the situation in 2007, when Stokes asked him, “Who are you for? Behind the PIS or the PO?” He then told Włodzimierz Szaranowicz about the whole situation, and he was afraid of how Stosh would behave in the future. “I was calm and tolerated it. I always cheered him on,” Japlonsky said.

“However, at the moment, I see two Camilles. A great athlete, but with a skeptical nature. Adam has always had a lot of problems with Malice. Adam sighed with relief when he worked alone with Hanu Lepisto. I think he can finally “- said the TVP journalist.

Małysz did not win an Olympic gold medal, but he was majestic and learned how to withstand media publicity and remain calm at the Olympics. “Adam Małysz, in the master class, endured the faces of the players. I appreciate them. And our players led by Kamil Stoch have not yet learned the classes” – concluded Japlonsky.

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