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Tokyo 2020: Caleb Dressel wins another gold!

Caleb Dressel, who will turn 25 in mid-August, at this year’s Olympics was the best stage for crawl and butterfly for 100 meters, and in the 4×100 meters relay he finished the final with a time of 21.07, an Olympic record. .

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The silver medal was won by France’s Florent Manaudou – 21.55, and Brazil’s Bruno Fratos – 21.57.

Bowie Jurassic was eliminated in the semi-finals and Konrad Cherniak was eliminated in the qualifying rounds.

Tokyo 2020 – Men’s 50m swimming results:

1. One Villasinor (USA) – 21.07 seconds
2- Florent Manaudou (France) – 21.55
3. Bruno Fratos (Brazil) – 21.57
4. Michael Andrew (US) – 21,60
5- Christian Gokolomiev (Greece) – 21.72
5- Benjamin Proud (Great Britain) – 21.72
7. Lorenzo Zazzeri (Italy) – 21.78
8- Thom de Boer (Netherlands) – 21.79

14 – Bauwe Juracic (Poland) – Eliminated in the semi-finals
31. Konrad Czerniak (Poland) – Eliminated in the preliminary round.

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