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Tokyo 2020: Marta Valshikovich rubbed for a medal! It was 0.269 seconds lower

Marta Volsikovich is actually a hair from a medal …

Martha Walskiwich finished fourth in the singles at the 200m Olympic Canoe Recata in Tokyo. Lisa Garrington (New Zealand) beat Theresa Bordella (Spain) and Emma Astrand Jorgensen (Denmark).

It was 0.269 seconds shorter than the Olympic runner-up stage from Rio de Janeiro. Carrington won his third Olympic gold medal in the competition.

There were exceptionally nine competitors in the finals (at the Olympics kayakers start in eight lanes) because in one of the semifinals, Bordeaux and Linnia Stencils (Sweden) finished fourth simultaneously and both qualified for the finals.

Helena Vinevskaya K1 200 m. Participated in and was eliminated in the quarter-finals.

The men’s and women’s kayak singles over 200 meters are the last Olympics to be held. In three years, Paris will be without this competition; In the Olympic program. Only canoe races remain in the 200 meters.

Results of the K1 200m final of the Women’s Olympic Canoe Recata in Tokyo:

1. Carrington List (New Zealand) 38,120
2. Theresa Portella (Spain) 38, 883
3. Emma Astrand Jorgensen (Tania) 38,901
4. Marta Valshikovich (Poland) 39,170
5. Linnia Stencils (Sweden) 39,287
6. Dora Lukes (Hungary) 39,442
7. Francesca Genco (Italy) 40, 184
8. Deborah Kerr (UK) 40,409
9. Andrean Langolis (Canada) 40,473

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