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Tokyo 2020: Novak Djokovic in search of sports favorite gold

Tokyo 2020: Novak Djokovic in search of sports favorite gold

  • Previous Olympics did not go according to Novak Djokovic’s plan – he never stood on stage
  • In Tokyo, the Serbian tennis player reached both the singles and mix semifinals without losing a set.
  • If Djokovic wins gold in one, he will be one step away from repeating Steffi Graf’s amazing feat.
  • In 1988, the famous German woman became an Olympic champion and won four Grand Slams.
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With his game in Japan, Novak Djokovic wants to remove the stain from the last two Olympics. In 2012, the Serbian tennis player lost the bronze medal match and was eliminated in the first round four years later. On both occasions, Juan Martin del Potro knocked him out of the tournament.

The excitement at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

The failure of the courts in Rio de Janeiro was particularly painful. Djokovic entered Brazil in a unique form. He has won four of the previous five Grand Slam tournaments. However, this has nothing to do with the fight with Del Potro. Argentina 7: 6 (4), 7: 6 (2), and Djokovic left the court and burst into tears.

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– This is one of the worst failures of my entire life. It’s hard to deal with, especially now that the injuries are still new. However, I have no choice but to face this situation. This is not the first and last time I have lost a competition, but it’s a completely different feeling at the Olympics – Djokovic admitted shortly after his defeat to Del Potro.

Tokyo 2020, a new hand in Djokovic’s life

In the paper of the XXXII Summer Olympics to be held in Tokyo, there are comparisons with the situation in Rio. Djokovic is on the rise again, as evidenced by his victory in each of the three Grand Slam tournaments in 2021. This time, however, it was the passing of another career Serbian at the four-year banquet.

– I was nervous in previous games. Representing my country is natural. Playing IO is a different situation than I deal with on a daily basis – Djokovic revealed. – I know that feeling when you have an option. A similar situation occurred in 2016 in Rio. However, for now, I am a very experienced player. “I know how to take care of mental health issues and what to do outside the court to feel comfortable,” said ATP World Ranking President.

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So far, Djokovic’s actions in Tokyo confirm the authenticity of his words. The 33-year-old has not lost a single set on his way to the singles semifinals. As if that wasn’t enough, she advanced to the top four of the mix along with Nina Stojanovic. The Serbian does not think of sports as a boycott, he says in his statement.

– The most recognizable event in the history of the game. In the past, when you reached Olympic gold, you were considered immortal and you enjoyed eternal glory. I don’t think anything has changed in this regard – said the famous “Knol”.

Novak Djokovic can repeat Steffi Graf’s record

According to Djokovic, the Olympic gold medal could only become part of another major achievement. The Serbian rival has the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

First, if he wins on the Tokyo court, he will be the third tennis player after Andrea Agassi and Rafael Nadal to add to the Olympic singles championship in all four Grand Slam tournaments. Second, the win will open up a unique opportunity for him to catch Steffi Grop. The famous German woman became the first and last to win Olympic gold in 1988 and won every Grand Slam event in a calendar year. This year Serbia has already won the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. He has yet to win at the US Open this year.

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So Djokovic has the opportunity to write tennis history with golden letters. It does not hide the fact that the tennis player is the one who cares the most.

“Steffi’s stunt seems to be over and over again. For me, this is definitely a goal, while at the same time a big dream – to summarize the 20-time Grand Slam winner.

Novak Djokovic will compete for a place in the finals of the Olympics on Friday, July 30 in Tokyo. His rival was the 4th German, Alexander Schwerze.

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