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Poland – Japan: Competitors without a chance? “If they follow the normal path, they will not be eligible for IO”

The Masashi four-man squad includes several friends from the Japanese league, including Bardos Kurek and Mikes Kubiak. Its members include players well known to fans in Europe, namely Yuki Ishikawa and Yuji Nishita who are moving to the Italian League.

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– This team is dangerous in a match because it can play uniquely in defense, but it has to be placed on a platform just below the poles – said Markin Leba.

According to Tomas Svatrovsky, the Japanese have made great strides. – Maybe Rimini didn’t show it because you can see them going out. However, the Olympics are not such a long competition and you do not have to play so many games. In addition, they will be at home. The downside would be the lack of fans because we know what they can do. No matter how many times you entered the halls in Japan, the turmoil was incredible. It made a great impression – said Polsat sports commentator.

– Their advantage is the hand of Philip Plane, it shows. I had the opportunity to talk to him in Hiroshima in 2019 and he told me how many obstacles he had to overcome. He had to explain to some people what system he wanted to introduce. Japan was closed for a long time due to training from outside, but at one point it was opened and you can see the consequences. Philip introduced a different game. His players began to play a different attack, stopped running in circles and meaninglessly lost their strength, which is very difficult to explain to them – informed Swatrovsky.

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The Japanese delegates were never impressed by their physical condition. Revitalizes the worn look.

– My opinion has not changed much. Japan advanced only a small step. This team does not dominate the world and is not ready to play in big tournaments. If he had followed the normal way, he would not have qualified for the Olympics – Wojciech Trisica estimated.

Bolshoi Sport’s expert agreed that he would like to see Japanese drama because of its excellent application technique. However, there is no doubt that the piano-cervoni will easily win the crowd with its representation of the land of the rising sun.

“We have a rising play and they can’t take it completely.” They cannot function on the fingers. Even if Philip Blaine turns upside down, he will not teach them for a generation. We have a piece of “board” on the web, and when they get three “berets” they are completely different Japan. You have to endure a good time with them, but they are not ready to fight a serious team, we – Triska said.

Poland – Japan match will be played on July 30 at 7:20 pm Polish time. Analysis of the remaining group matches to watch on the “Pravda Siatki” channel [TUTAJ].

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