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Tom Hanks thinks the DA VINCI CODE and its sequels are junk.  "Filthy"

Tom Hanks thinks the DA VINCI CODE and its sequels are junk. “Filthy”

In 2006, he came to the screen Code of Vinci, An adaptation of Dan Brown’s most popular novel. Tom Hanks plays the lead role of Robert Langdon, a professor who specializes in iconography that is on the path to a global conspiracy. The actor repeated the role of Langdon Angels and ghosts And Hell. Many years later, Hanks expressed his opinion about these films.

Screenings of Brown’s prose received good reviews ($ 1.5 billion in total), which were negative, with Rotten Tomatoes having 25%, 37% and 23% positive reviews, respectively. It turns out that even the Hanks did not praise them.

God, this is a business venture. Yes, the Langdon sequels are nonsense. The Da Vinci Code was also trash. You know, Dan Brown writes to himself, “Here’s a sculpture in Paris! See how the cross forms on the map? Well, it’s like a cross.” These are loyal stalks to the story, as are the James Bond spy movies. They are ugly. (…) There is nothing wrong with good commercialism, as long as it’s good, but by the end of the third part, we have proven that this series does not exist.

However, Hanks jokingly added that he still has fond memories of the shooting Code of VinciBecause he can celebrate his 40th birthday in the Louvre near the Mona Lisa.

Another screening series of Langdon’s adventures The lost symbol Planned for Peacock Station (without Hanks’ participation), but canceled after the first season.