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Top 5 Polish shows on Eurovision!  Do you remember those victories? [WIDEO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Top 5 Polish shows on Eurovision! Do you remember those victories? [WIDEO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Eurovision is coming soon! The International Music Festival kicks off on May 10 in Turin. On this occasion, let us recall the excellent performances of the Polish delegation. Will Christian Ochman be number one this year? We will find out soon.

The 66th Eurovision Song Contest will be held on May 10, 12 and 14, 2022 At the Pala Olympic in Turin. This year Christian Ochmann represents Poland. The winner of the eleventh edition of “The Voice of Poland” has no chance of international success. This has been a favorite of bookmakers for weeks. His song “River” became very popular in many countries.

This is how Ochman represents Poland in Europe. Eurovision fans are unanimous [WIDEO]

Christian Ochmann performs in a series of pre-release concerts throughout Europe. Every time he tackles the stage, Eurovision enthusiasts are delighted with his vocal performances. Will he win the match? “Looks like …

Twenty-three Polish artists performed on the Eurovision stage before the 22-year-old Polish delegate. Edita Kroniak held the highest position. In 1994, “To nie ja!” Came second with the song. Otherwise We were only able to enter the top 10 twice – In 2003, the Troj group with the song “Cain Grenson – No Boundaries” took seventh place, and in 2016 Micha Spag was only able to take one more place – in eighth place.

Eurovision 1994: Edyta Grniak – “This Is Not Me!” (2nd place)

In 1994, when Poland debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest, Edita Krnyak was able to achieve a success that has never been repeated by any Polish delegation. 21-year-old singer “To nie ja!” He was close to victory and eventually finished second in the overall standings.

Eurovision 1997: Anna Maria Jobek – “But I” (11th)

Anna Maria Jopeck’s score on Eurovision 1997 Be the best after the best achievement of Edita Krnyak And – it turned out – one of the best results in Poland in general. The song “Ale Yes” ranks eleventh out of all twenty-five proposals, so beyond the first ten.

Eurovision 2003: This Troy – “Cain Grensen” (7th place)

Year 2003 Poland regained hope that it could achieve good results at Eurovision. The sidme location of the Ich Troje band was later considered a huge success. Today’s cult group, led by Micah Vinevsky, then returned to Eurovision in 2007, but without such spectacular results. The song “Follow My Heart” didn’t even make it to the finale.

Eurovision 2014: Donatan and Cleo – “My Soviyani” (14th place)

After a wave of defeats at Eurovision and resigning from the tournament in 2012-2013, Poland returned to the game in 2014, presenting Donaton and Cleo as representatives with the song “My Soviyani”. Landscape view of the poles in Copenhagen, Widely commented, there was no controversy in Europe. However, in the end, the audience will love it so much “My Soviet” Ranked fifth in the poll. Unfortunately, the jury’s low scores dropped Donadon and Cleo to fourteenth in the overall standings. Nevertheless, of the thirty-seven teams, this is a truly satisfactory position.

Eurovision 2016: Micha Szpak – “The Color of Your Life” (8th place)

The last performance to allow Poland in Eurovision’s top ten took place in 2016. Micha Szpak performs “Color of Your Life” on the Stockholm stage, Impressed the public and took third place in televoting! However, the referees buried Michael’s chances of finishing on stage. In the arbitration vote, the pole was in last place, i.e. he fell to tenth place in the final classification.