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Torpol made a net profit of PLN 36 million after 9 months of 2021, above expectations

Torpol made a net profit of PLN 36 million after 9 months of 2021, above expectations

2021-11-05 22:40

2021-11-05 22:40

The company said in a press release that Turbol made a net profit of 36 million PLN after three quarters of 2021. This is a result higher than the expectations of analysts, who had expected Turbol’s net profit to reach PLN 32.4 million after nine months.

Torpol released the estimated group results for the nine months of 2021 on Friday evening. According to them, the net sales revenue of the group amounted to 772.7 million zlotys (compared to 986.3 million zlotys in the previous year and 777.7 million zlotys in the unanimous).

Gross profit on sales of the Torpol Group from the beginning of the year amounted to 72.1 million PLN (60.3 million PLN in the previous year), operating profit 47.6 million PLN (36.7 million PLN), net profit: PLN 36.0 million (26.3 million PLN) a year ago).

According to the calculations of PAP Biznes, in the third quarter alone, the Torpol Group generated revenue of PLN 281.7 million (compared to PLN 286.7 million in consensus), operating profit of PLN 20.1 million (16 million PLN unanimously), and net profit of PLN 15, 8 million PLN against a consensus of 12.2 million PLN.

Cash and cash equivalents at the end of September amounted to PLN 453.4 million [404,9 mln zł wg. stanu na 31 grudnia 2020 r.].

Final financial results for the three quarters of 2021 will be published on November 19. (PAP Biznes)

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Source:PAP Biznes
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