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Torun League.  BKS stood for Radomka.  Split points at Bielsko-Biala

Torun League. BKS stood for Radomka. Split points at Bielsko-Biala

The Bielsko girls want to win this match a lot. They will want to rebuild. We also need these three points. Hope we can show our best side. I think it will be a tough meeting and we have to be well prepared for it mentally – confirmed center e Leclerc of Moya Radomka Camila Cobos. The player’s words from Radom were reflected in the first version. Both teams fought a very even battle for victory in the First Party. After a long lead from BKS Bostik Bielsko-Biała, Radomka’s volleyball players made up for a five-point loss after an impressive string of plays from Katarzyna Zaroślńska-Król. Przyjezdne held this group at their expense, winning the match for them.

Coach Ricard Marchesi’s second match started with renewed energy, and they quickly took the lead. However, there was a change in the home team in the home team. Weronika Szlagowska (seven percent effectiveness in attack) was replaced by Martina Borochak, who appeared on duty at the end of the first set. Even Radomyanki led by four points (16:12), but in the end the result got out of hand. Radomianek’s main gunner, Alexandra Lazi, made four direct mistakes in attack in a short time, making it easy for the home team to win this gig. In the middle of the competition, the leader of the BKS was attacked by Gabriel Orvosova, who scored 11 points. (of which two of the block) scored 55 per cent. attack effectiveness.

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In the third, another boost, very equal, for Radom’s volleyball players improved acceptance accuracy (42%) and effectiveness in attack (54%). The lack of personal fouls at the end of the match allowed for a win and a 2:1 lead in the match. The fourth set, on the other hand, certainly didn’t do well for the visitors who lost five points at the start. Orvosova was not disappointed by the BKS, making no mistakes after 44 attacks and was never repelled. And Belzechanke, winning in 25:19, led to the tiebreak. In the fifth pair there was an unusual situation, when both Radom’s team were injured. In this position, Alexandra Wojcic had to make an exceptional appearance in a reflective jersey. In the end, the home team won the match. Orvosova was named player of the match with 35 points.