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Total confusion in the vote counting process after the elections in Kenya

The election is taking place between Vice President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga, who is making his fifth bid for the presidency.

It’s almost way dead Among the candidates and if no one gets more than 50 percent of the vote, a second round of elections will be held.

Kenyans are watching the vote count with enthusiasm. But depending on where they’re headed, the results are different. The major role of the media Forced to write separate articles To explain why the results are so different from those of competing media.

– In the spirit of transparency, the Electoral Commission has granted access to the media (and the public) to report on the progress of the counting process, said commission chairwoman Wafula Chebukati At a press conference in Nairobi at lunchtime on Wednesday.

In total, there are more than 46,000 polling stations It was used in Tuesday’s election and once the vote counting was complete, pdf files with the results were uploaded to IEBC Electoral Commission website. So anyone who wants to enter the county and constituency can then find the pdf document from each polling station.

The elections were held on Tuesday in Kenya.

The elections were held on Tuesday in Kenya.

Photo: Eric Espornson

The idea was to allow the public to check the results while the IEBC collects the original documents being transported to the capital, Nairobi.

In practice this means That anyone with enough staff can go through all 46,000 pdf documents and see who won the election themselves and present them to the electoral commission, which is expected to name a winner by Saturday at the latest.

Therefore, the two blocs, during Wednesday and Thursday, reckoned themselves and each media house has a unique personality. A representative of the Roto campaign told DN that they employed about a hundred students to calculate the election results themselves.

complete confusion, In other words. The reason for the big difference is that different candidates have completely different support in different parts of the country. Depending on which polling stations you start with, the result can vary widely.

The idea was for the media to come together and be able to control our results. But they chose to do it themselves, says Wafula Chebukatti.

The more documents are counted, the smaller the difference will be until everyone has finished counting.

– However, I would like to inform the Kenyans that the only final result can be announced by the representatives of the Electoral Commission, says Wafula Chebukatti.

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