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This year’s summer may be the driest in Europe for 500 years

On the border between France and Switzerland, the waters in the Dobbs River have disappeared and boats along the river’s edge are floating right on the wet sandy bottom. The drought in the region is the worst in decadesBBC writes.

Water levels in Italy In the Po River, which is important for agriculture in the country, is very low.

In many places in Europe Wildfires are ravaging on a large scale. In southern France, a large forest fire forced 6,000 people to evacuate.

According to Andrea Torretti, a researcher at the European Commission’s Climate Agency’s Joint Research Center that collects data on droughts within the union, says Sky News The European Union and Europe may be heading for the driest summer since the 16th century.

– For now, it looks like this will be the worst year in 500 years, although a full analysis will have to be done after that, says Tourette.

The summer months of this year are believed to be looking more extreme than the historically dry summer of 2018.

– 2018 was so extreme that when you look back 500 years, nothing like this ever happened.

“Based on my experience, I think this year’s summer could be even more intense than 2018,” he told Sky.

According to a map of the drought situation in Europe As the European Drought Observatory explained, during the last ten days of July, nearly half of Europe received a “warning” – that is, a lack of soil moisture. Nearly 20 percent had the most severe case where vegetation began to be damaged due to lack of soil moisture.

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– This is a sign that the climate is changing, says Niklas Hegerth, a hydrologist at SMHI who thinks this dry climate may become a frequent occurrence in Europe.

In 2018, Central and Northern Europe, including Sweden, were affected by high temperatures. This year, much of Europe has been experiencing dry weather, according to Andrea Torretti.

In Sweden, it’s not quite as hot and dry as it was four years ago, but there are big differences between different parts of the country.

– In 2018, it was dry across the country. This summer, southern Sweden in particular was drier, while it was normal or even wetter in the northern part of the country, says Niklas Hegerth.

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