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Total sales and numbers for Persona 5 Strikers and Royal

Atlus has in the context of the latest annual report Updated sales figures Published for the “Persona” series. The games in the franchise have been sold more than 15 million times.

Separate sales figures for the latest parts have also been published. This demonstrates, among other things, that the Persona 5 Strikers were able to garner an additional 200,000 buyers in a very short time.

The updated sales are as follows:

  • Persona 5 Royal (PS4) – 1.8 million. Exemplare (im Juli 2020 1.4 Mio.)
  • Persona 5 Strikers (PS4, Switch, PC) – 1.5 million copies (1.3 million copies as of April 2021)
  • Persona 4 Golden (PC) – 900,000 copies (500,000 as of July 2020)

Atlus also noted that sales in the North American, European and Asian markets have greatly exceeded expectations and that the proportion of overseas sales remains high.

Based on this, you can safely assume that you will see one or another of the new “Persona” games in the future.

“Persona 5 Strikers” is the latest in the series. In it, Phantom Thieves embarks on a new mission to fight the corruption that is invading cities across Japan. Summer vacation with good friends quickly turns into a task that only heroes can do. However, there is also a dark truth hidden behind all the events, which the heroes do not know about.

More about the game “Persona 5 Strikers” We are ready for you in an overview of the topic.

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