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Totalplay TV now integrates Alexa and more powerful voice

Totalplay TV now integrates Alexa and more powerful voice

The new version of Totalplay devices will now have new integrations on different fronts as well as the assistant, as it will have audio Bang & amp; Olufsenand Dolby and Communication by French Segemcom.

This new equipment will be available from now on in the country to three million users who are already consumers of the brand.

By integrating Alexa, From this device, it will not be necessary to have a lot of separate smart items, but you can order from this device ¡Alexa!, to tell you the news of the day, control other gadgets you have in the house, turn them on or off, and to turn on streaming content to your TV, for example.

high quality sound

something you were looking for Totalplay With these integrations, the sound quality of their devices is raised, as it has three speakers inside, as well as a brand-designed subwoofer. danesa Bang & Olufsen This will allow users to enjoy Dolby Atmos sound.

This renovation in the device also contains improvements in terms of connectivity, as the latest wireless communication protocol will be integrated Wi-Fi 6, With which you can navigate up to four times faster than the previous protocol, in addition to this new format offered by Totalplay Speed ​​up to 1 GB.

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