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Touching words of Michai Materla about his son. Any parent would agree! A special moment before KSW 66

Author: Łukasz Kaugan / SUPER EXPRESS
Mickey Matterla

Michał Materla returns to KSW after several months of hiatus and an attempt to found his own organisation, EFM SHOW. At the weight ceremony in front of KSW 66, he appeared with his son who stood on stage with him. In an interview with reporters, Materla said important words about his offspring. It’s hard not to move.

The great comeback has become a reality. After the failure of the EFM SHOW project, Michał Materla once again fights for KSW. In Szczecin, a unique place on the Polish martial arts map, he will face Jason Radcliffe. During KSW 66, the entire audience will definitely be on his side. Materella can also count on the very strong support of her relatives. During the weight ceremony, he went on stage with his son. Then he admitted what a special moment it was for him!

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KSW 66: Matterla touchingly about my son

Materla said directly that he would like this situation to give him wings. The presence of the offspring may carry him to the next victory. – I managed to go out with my son and this is another keepsake of a lifetime – to me and him. I admit, I hope that there will be no situations on Saturday that overwhelm me in my mind, but on the contrary it will give me wings.

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The KSW icon does not hide his joy because he will have the opportunity to perform in front of his fans. – I’m definitely excited. This is the second time in my career that I will have the opportunity to introduce myself to my fans. I am very happy, especially since I did not have much left at that time – added Materla.

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66: What time is the concert? Where do you watch?

KSW 66 will be held on Saturday 15 January at the Neto Arena in Szczecin. The party will start at 19:00. Transferring KSW 66 only on the Viaplay streaming platform.