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Toulon comes out of the water against Biarritz (13-9)

After back-to-back defeats to Racing and La Rochelle, RCT has regained the joys of success. This is the main point.

Today’s playing conditions were too complex to judge the way Toulonnais enforced it.

Due to the rain and the transformation of Mayol Stadium into a giant swimming pool, it was impossible for both teams to be able to reproduce the game properly.

Fakundo Issa is the sole author of the meeting’s article

So the two teams developed in a small area, and in this game, Var was the strongest, especially in the first half where the local group took a clear dominance in the Al-Fateh sector.

A supremacy rewarded by Facundo Isa – who is new to the game – who will score the only attempt for this meeting at the end of the scrum.

Giving Biarrots a hard time after lemonade, following the omnipresent Bastien Soury throughout 80 minutes. But a Carbonell penalty for every hour of play will protect the RCT.

This will not prevent Biarritz Olympique from receiving a well-deserved defensive bonus at the end of the match. Rather, they deserved consideration of their energy immorality.

As for Toulonnais, this is a victory that should be good for morale and order, as it simultaneously signs Franck Azéma’s first success under his new colors.

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