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Trading on Sundays 2021. When is the trading date for Sunday in April 2021?  Check the trading list on Sundays

Trading on Sundays 2021. When is the trading date for Sunday in April 2021? Check the trading list on Sundays

Sunday trade 2021: How much will there be throughout the year? When will the next be? Unless a law is passed to temporarily lift the ban on Sunday (which is not yet expected), it will be very similar to 2020 in terms of number of trading days. So – there will be as many of them as the cat cried. Check out the exact trading dates on Sunday in 2021.

Sunday trading in 2021

Trade restrictions were introduced on certain days through a law signed by President Andrzej Duda on January 30, 2018. There is a fine of up to 100,000 PLN for breaking the ban. PLN.

In 2018 there were two days a month, in 2019 – only one, the other. The months that embraced the most important holidays – Easter and Christmas – were an exception.

In 2020, the Sunday trading ban was even stricter. You can only shop on 7 of the 52 Sundays in 2020, including the two “largest number” in December 2020.

In 2021, only 7 Sundays will be traded. Check their exact dates. Click Image Gallery.

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Of course, the 2018 law made many exceptions to banning trading on Sundays:

The stores are open on Sundays: exceptions
On all Sundays there may be, among other things,

  • The shops in which the entrepreneur practices trading, who is a natural person only personally, on his own behalf and with his own account,
  • gas stations ,
  • The shops at the railway stations,
  • Pharmacies
  • booth,
  • Bakeries
  • Pastry shops
  • Ice cream parlors,
  • Points with devotional items,
  • Florists
  • Post office,
  • “Commercial establishments in institutions operating in the field of culture, sports, education, tourism and entertainment.”
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Don’t lose sight of it

Trade restrictions do not apply to cafes, restaurants, and facilities such as children’s playrooms, fitness clubs, movie theaters, dance schools, or sports centers.

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There is a battle for the temporary lifting of the ban on Sunday

Suspend restrictions on trade on Sunday for the duration of the pandemic – employers assumed from the Social Dialogue Board. They even prepared a bill to suspend the trade ban. Trade unionists have already stood against these changes. The government is questioning these ideas as well, but the economic situation in Poland could deteriorate significantly in the coming months, which could prompt the government to make concessions regarding the suspension of the trade embargo on Sunday.

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On non-commercial Sundays shops are open in Katowice. On two …

The Entrepreneurship Council, which includes nine organizations of entrepreneurs (including Lewiatan, Business Center Club and the Polish Chamber of Commerce), appealed in June 2020 to temporarily lift the trading ban on Sunday.

Business associations have a specific plan to suspend trade restrictions on Sundays. They want stores to open all week, also Sundays, while the threat of the pandemic is threatening and for 180 days after the mandate is canceled.

Shops are open on Sundays in shopping malls in Ostrava, Forum Nova Karolina Shopping Center, see more photos.  Swipe Right - Press the Arrow or Next button

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Shops open on Sunday an hour away from Katowice in the Czech Republic …

There was even a bill suspending trade restrictions on Sundays, and it was submitted to the Social Dialogue Council, which includes not only employers, but also trade unionists and government representatives.

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