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Transfers.  Maguszewski and Boriciuk will leave Zagillonia

Transfers. Maguszewski and Boriciuk will leave Zagillonia

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Jacquelonia made the announcement before the final match of the current football league season, in which they will play Lecia Gadansky at the Biastok. All four players are on the team and they will start the match on the bench.

Magiz Maguszewski has been tied with a contract with Zakilonia since the beginning of 2020, where he moved after playing for Leg Bosnak. This season, he has played in 22 games from Biastok, scoring three goals and having four assists. The 31-year-old winger, who played for Zagillonia in 2010-2011, has a total balance of 84 appearances, 13 goals and 11 assists, according to the club on Sunday.

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Ariel Borisiuk, 29, arrived in Jakelonia at the same time as Magusyovsky, after starring in the Moldavian Sheriff Traspole. He is nominally a defensive midfielder who also played for Jacquelonia at the defense center. In the Polish league, he was very successful in the colors of Legia Warsaw, winning the national championship and the Polish trophy with this club, but he also played in Lecia Kadansk and Vizia Peok. In Zagillonia he played in 27 games and scored one goal.

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Goalkeeper Damian Waglers has played in 38 official matches in Zagillonia. He usually defended the league the previous season, losing to Powell Steinforce and Xavier Djikovsky, who mostly defended at reserves, although he did make five appearances in the league.

Spain midfielder Bernான்n Lopez moved to Beastoke last fall, signing a contract valid until the end of this season. However, he was unable to make the first team permanently, and this season he has played a total of eleven games in the league