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PKO Extraclassa: Krakw - Wardha.  A successful end to the beautiful Warda season.  Conclusion and relationship

PKO Extraclassa: Krakw – Wardha. A successful end to the beautiful Warda season. Conclusion and relationship

Warda Bosnas started the most successful spring round with Krakow, however, it was the last match of the autumn round. The only goal then was scored by Jacob Keep. This is the first victory of a side defender in the league, and it must be admitted that it may please the eyes of the fans. Besides, the goal of the captain of the Green Party was very nicely selected in the 15th round. The meeting on January 30th was noisy a few weeks after it ended, but it was not because of a big show, but because of the post-match conference of Micahs Profiers. Meanwhile, the Boss coach resigned from his job and announced his departure from Krakw. Eventually, the coach stayed and made sure to keep the belts in the league. Ten days later, at the stadium in Vrkopolsky, Croatia, Croatia beat Ward 1-0 in the 1/8 final of the Poland Cup and were eliminated.

Warda was eager to defend against being expelled from the league, while the Greens joined forces as the fourth force of the spring in the final round of the season. This year only Lesgia (32 points), Rakov and Beast (28 points) scored more points than the team from Bosnia. The Greens collected only one point less, which deserves great recognition. Instead of fighting for the exit, Pyotr Dvoக்கk’s players had a chance to finish fourth in the league until the last. A week ago, the newcomer lost all the important matches against Silesia (2: 3) and had to rely on positive results from other matches to surprise him.

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– We are going to Krakow to play better than the last match and allow ourselves to score because this team can give another performance at zero loss. We have sporting anger and we are ready to erase from our memory the defeat with Silesia – Wardha’s coach said before the meeting. Dvoெக்k insisted that his team would not count, but would play in Cashew for the full pot.

– I can not imagine that we go to Krakow only for tourism purposes. In the last round all the results will change so there will be a chance for 4th place, we will not beat ourselves and we will regret this last match for the rest of our lives. That’s why we go there with a basic approach: to win in Krakow – the coach promised.

Just before Pav Malek’s first whistle, Chugas received the Draca commemorative jersey with the number 400 on it. Wardha midfielder has played several games at the league level. The 37-year-old is all set to play next season, all indicating that both sides will come to an agreement. Both the club and coach Dvoக்k will be delighted at events like this.

– This is very good news, because despite Yugas’ age of forcing him to finish his life sooner or later, it is important that he still wants to play. This is the most important person for Wardha. Draca is a leader not only on the pitch, but also in the dressing room. He controls the pace of the game perfectly, he can calm her down, but he also showed that he can give a lot to the team in attack as he scores many important goals. Magiz Żurawski, a graduate of the club, says it is invaluable to Wardha.

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From the start, the meeting in Krakow followed a scene familiar to both teams. Both Krakow and Ward are famous for their good game system and some of the opportunities they create. Anyway, just coming back to the first match of these teams is enough. This year, Warda mostly scored the winning goal at the end, and this time it was the same. Draca showed an amazing (seventh in the season) assist. Makana Baku scored the 6th goal. The 22-year-old will be leaving Bosna, so it will be his farewell meeting. The player who borrowed from Holstein key helped Ward. On Sunday, coach Dvoக்க்k attacked him, not like before, i.e. on the wing.

Ward won, the results of the remaining matches grew so much that the underdogs finished the season 5th in the table. The second season is said to be in high demand for newcomers.

– In fact, the second season can be very difficult for the Greens. Your competitors will know more about this team and will not underestimate it, it will always be somewhere in the back of your head if you know you are facing an expelled team. Wardha is thriving now and the coaches of the opposing teams can see it too, so they will realize their players. However, I expect to strengthen in the summer and, of course, the best in my financial capabilities – says Żurawski.

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Krakw – Wardha Bosna 0: 1 (0: 0)

Goal: Makana Bagh80