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PKO Extraclassa: Pogo – Rakov.  Rus-up won effectively at Szczecin.  Conclusion and relationship

PKO Extraclassa: Pogo – Rakov. Rus-up won effectively at Szczecin. Conclusion and relationship

Even before the final round, the competition in Szczecin seemed to be one of the most important clashes at the end of the season as it was the capital of western Pomerania which would decide who would be the vice-champion and who would end up with the bronze medals. Unfortunately for Pogo’s fans, compromising their team’s games (scoring two points in three matches) meant that there was no clash with Rakovo Costosova near Dvertovsky. In fact, the result is completely irrelevant. Small.

Fans of the port workers did not imagine opening two new refurbished stations, and from the 31st minute the situation was completely different from their dreams. After the corner kick of the spectators, the ball was kicked by goalkeeper Dante Stibica in the 20m, which was deflected back to 16th in which the locals lost a fight twice and Soren Arsenic scored a close goal.

Granadovo-Portov fans can be surprised because there is no indication that until then the spectators have no intention of scoring a goal. Coach Costa Ranzaikin’s players seemed to be in control of the events, and they attacked again and again, even if it meant pointing to Mikez Kuzczyk’s best chance or hitting Kokbar Kosovsky’s bar. As with the whole season, they are not effective again. Prior to the clash with Rogo, they were the third worst in the league in terms of the chances they used, confirming on Sunday that it was not a coincidence. They held the ball 69 per cent until half time and fired five shots. For guests from Czestochowa, such an endeavor was enough and they were already happy with the success.

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If the statistics are to be believed, Arsenic’s goal will go home, because of the seven previous events that Bokov first admitted this season, she has never been able to win. The maximum she could bear was a balance, and as a rule she reached it with great pain. How was Sunday? Well, life has confirmed the proverb that history repeats itself.

From the start of the second half of the match, the locals dominated and the locals tried to balance, even Kucharsik wasted another great chance, but Rakov enjoyed scoring a goal. Jacob Bartkovsky lost the ball recklessly in his own half, which immediately hit the penalty area to Ivy Lopez, who beat Spaniard Stibica. 2: 0.

A moment later, Adam Froxack was very helpful. According to him it was a performance that said goodbye in navy blue and burgundy colors after 10 years. The captain tested a few minutes ago, after which he used the Kucharsic cross and scored the 70th goal for Pogo. A beautiful goodbye.

However, if this Sunday would have been different and the porters had been under the illusion that this time they could have made up for the losses with a vengeance, Jacob Arak would have lost such hope. Rakov striker scored close to a goal and increased the team’s lead from Costochova.

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Although third place is Porter’s best decision in 20 years, it’s hard to resist the feeling that the game is over and it’s good for them. They have collected two points in the last four matches. Rakov, on the other hand, pitched the best games in history, this time with Jasna Kora’s side unbeaten in 13 matches. Bravo, coach Marek Bobson. Bravo for second place in Poland.

Pogoń Szczecin – Raków Częstochowa 1: 3 (0: 1)

Goal: Froxac (70) – Arsenic (31), Lopez (67), Arak (77)

Purpose: Stybika – Stolarsky, Triantafillopoulos, Malek, Bartkowski (74th Trikos) – Podstovsky (57th Gorgon) – Kuzharsik, Kosovsky (46th Smolewski), Kowalsk (57th Khozovic),

Rakov: Holeck – Arsenic, Nivolis, Jack F – Szeklovsky F (64. Lopez), Dijonic (83. Malinowski), Lederman, Dukos (46. Tudor), Coxmarski (46. Boltanovic), Kowsk (72).