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Riya Tun leaves the Civic site

I am unpacking from the Civic platform – this party’s MEP Rhea Tun wrote on Twitter on Monday. The particular reason he gave was that he did not agree with the “party games” at the expense of Pan-European projects.

“MEPs who have been with me at work for many years and who have been closely following this work among you have had the opportunity to observe many times that my decisions are related to our PO. Representative votes in the European Parliament,” the politician said in a letter posted on his Facebook profile. .

“I differ significantly from my party’s administration in voting for the acceptance of refugees and the provision of legal protection and humanitarian assistance. The same situation was repeated in the resolution calling on the Polish government to abide by the law. Will happen, “said Tun.

He also revealed that he did not share the decision of the Civic platform in voting on hunting, agricultural policy, forest conservation and fisheries. “I support the uncompromising approach to upholding the rule of law and have a very hard line in the field of environmental protection,” the MEP declared.

He acknowledged that the issue’s end has the recaptured Doomsday in the control of the EU again. Reconstruction Fund.

“At the expense of programs aimed at supporting hundreds of millions of crisis-stricken European citizens, including Polish citizens, I do not agree that games between badly treated parties should take place.

He announced that he would continue to work to “solve specific problems” that his voters were waiting for.

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Diwan submitted his resignation as a member of the Civic Platform in a letter to the PO in Masopolska on Monday.