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Fratzack and Ido on the court?  It looks like

Fratzack and Ido on the court? It looks like

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Since Saturday evening, there has been a lot of noise on Speedway in Poland about the clash between Marvis’ coach Falubas Gilona Cora, Pyotr Ita and the team’s former manager, now pace expert – Jacek Fruitsak. Easing matter: hpretcak aittavai criticized many times, aitto he replied sharply, and the case is finished in court, because he felt hpretcak kopamataintat.

It all started after Fallopas Union appeared to Lesno. It was then that Jesse Fruitzak wrote a strong commentary on the performance of Pyotr Ida’s team, pointing out mistakes, in his opinion, being done by the team ‘s coach, Gilona Cora.

In an interview with Radio Gilona Cora, Rye responded harshly – he called Fredshock a slack dysm and said he had achieved nothing.

Now, Fratzak is angry, he apologizes to coach Falubas on a board and threatens to take Ita to court if they do not come.

The case is already in the law firm, and today we talk about it at 97.1 FM on Dogrivka.

Statements by Pyotr Itta and Patron Sebastian Kozzewski, represented by Jacek Fratzak, are here. Fruitzack no longer wants to talk about this case, or his lawyer speaks for him …

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