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“Troublemakers” win the elections in Taiwan, and the opposition admits its defeat in the elections

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) with Lai Ching T At the top they get just over 40% of the vote when about 99% of polling stations have announced the results.

In front of his supporters chanting “Welcome, President,” Lai Ching-te thanked the Taiwanese people for “the new chapter of the country's democracy.”

Keep the peace

In his victory speech, Lai said he was determined to maintain peace in the region. He also adds that he hopes China understands that peace benefits both sides.

– Maintaining peace across the Strait is an important task for me as president.

China considers the island of Taiwan part of China and has threatened to intervene if the “wrong” leader is elected, that is, one who increases distance with China and further deteriorates relations. The ruling Democratic Progressive Party takes a somewhat hard-line stance toward Beijing, and Lai Ching-te has previously described the election as “a choice between democracy and tyranny.”