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Russia: Now there are no prospects for peace in Ukraine

The Russian embassy previously commented on the visit Prime Minister of Great Britain Rishi Sunak To Kyiv on FridayDuring which he signed a 10-year agreement on military and security cooperation with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

Embassy: The results are shameful.

“The results of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's campaign trip to 'Friend Zelensky' are unfortunate, especially for Ukraine. Along with grandiose statements, London continues to view it as a geopolitical tool targeting Russia,” the embassy said in a statement.

She said the UK government was doing everything it could to prevent the G7 and NATO countries from “waking up from anti-Russian fervor and realizing the depressing consequences of what is happening on the continent”, and pressing to continue supplying arms to Ukraine. .

It will only prolong the conflict

The Embassy believes that the Prime Minister's promise to allocate more funds for the purchase and delivery of long-range missiles and attack drones will not change the overall balance of power and the outcome of the conflict, but will only prolong the conflict and make it more intense, which means more casualties.

She said, “The British government's tears over Ukraine's ruined future are hypocritical against this background.”

Zelensky said on Friday that Britain and Ukraine had signed a “groundbreaking” security agreement that provides annual military support to Kiev and “comprehensive cooperation” to increase its military potential and strengthen the military-industrial complex, state institutions and public systems.

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