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Trudeau heads for victory in Canada

The last polls closed at 04 Swedish time and in the early vote count, the Liberals won 131 seats in parliament, far more than the main rival, the Conservative Party, which has 73 seats. It takes 170 countries to form a majority government.

according to CTV It is clear that the Liberals, led by Trudeau, will be able to form a government, but it remains unclear whether it will be a majority government, or a minority government as it is today.

New elections announced in August

With two years left in office, Trudeau announced new elections in August – when he led public opinion – arguing that Canadians should have a say in who they want to be responsible for the costs of dealing with the pandemic.

“We can work to do great things during a pandemic, but we need a clear mandate to understand what Canadians want in the coming years,” Trudeau said of his decision to call new elections.

It wasn’t always self-evident

Trudeau’s rival for prime minister was Irene O’Toole, who in pre-election polls seemed to catch Trudeau’s popularity.

During the election campaign, Trudeau’s support appeared to be waning and political opponents criticized the decision to hold the election.

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