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Cuba begins vaccinating two-year-olds against COVID-19

Now the youngest of them will be vaccinated – in Cuba.

The country is the only country in the world to start vaccinating children from the age of two.

– The number of infections among children in recent months is worrying, says the country’s Minister of Health Jose Angel Portal Miranda.

Make the decision to vaccinate young children because uniquely. No other country today vaccinates children under the age of six. In Europe, vaccinations are approved from the age of twelve.

Children in Cuba will be vaccinated with the locally produced Sopirana vaccine, which has not yet been approved by the World Health Organization. Vaccinations start this week.

There is concern within the country that more and more children are infected, reports say Miami Herald.

We see children dying and getting seriously ill. We vaccinate children until we are close to the point where herd immunity is reached, says Vicente Bencomo, president of the Finlay Institute of Government.

A little boy is crowned at Havana International Airport. (File photo from November 2020).

A man waits for his vaccination in Cienfuegos, Cuba. (File photo from May 2021).

“Each country”

Clinical tests in adults, and to some extent children, have shown the Sopirana vaccine to be 90 percent effective, according to Cuban authorities. But no research data has been published in any international scientific reports or journals The New York Times.

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Therefore, the Latin American branch of the World Health Organization, Baho, was not able to take a position on the decision to vaccinate young children.

It’s up to each country to decide, Garbas Barbosa, president of Paho, tells the Miami Herald.

closed schools

Schools in Cuba have been closed for most of the pandemic. And the internet connection is so expensive that digital teaching was impossible for most kids.

Frustrated voices rose for children to return to the classroom – but school openings were postponed all the time.

Healthcare in crisis

Infections in the country have increased at a record rate since the delta variant sailed across the island.

Last week, the country reported an average of 7,500 new cases and 80 deaths per day. This makes Cuba one of the most affected countries in the world today. according to Reuters About 20 percent of those affected are younger than 20 years old.

Cuba is in the midst of an economic crisis and the country’s health care is on the verge of collapse. There is a shortage of food, medicine, oxygen and tests. In July, large and unusual protests erupted from criticism of the country’s regime.

Tourism has essentially disappeared during the pandemic, which has hit the country hard. Now it is hoped that we will be able to tame the virus before the tourist season kicks off in November.

So far, more than 65 percent of Cubans have received at least one dose, according to Reuters. 37 percent were fully vaccinated.

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