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Trump accuses bodyguard rooms in Mar Agou

Former United States presidents are entitled to lifetime bodyguard protection, an annual pension, and salaried employees and a workplace, paid with tax money. And Donald Trump appears to have taken full advantage of this advantage.

it’s a Washington Post Who reviewed Donald Trump’s bodyguard protection and can state that the Secret Service must pay Trump around SEK 3,200 per day for the room they use at Mar-a-Lago.

The bill is starting to beat On the same day Trump left the White House on January 20 this year and runs until April 30. Trump has now moved to his property in Bedminster, New Jersey, to spend the summer there and it is not clear if he will continue asking for money to protect him. During Trump’s presidency, the Secret Service had to pay for rooms there as well as a number of rooms in the Mar-a-Lago, according to the Washington Post.

Previously, it involved several rooms, but this spring, the Secret Service only rented one room at the golf resort. However, the cost is higher this year than the same period for both 2018 and 2019. This is because Trump usually only stayed over the weekend.

Photo: Greg Lovett

The Washington Post writes that Trump’s decision to indict the security service is unusual, both for incumbents and past presidents. A White House spokesman told the newspaper that Joe Biden had not billed the Secret Service for any protection for his bodyguard.

The decision sparked some criticism, Not least because Trump, according to his statement, is a millionaire and does not appear to be short of money.

Just because you can choose for yourself doesn’t mean you should. Especially if you are a former president. Historian Geoffrey A. Engle of Southern Methodist University told the Washington Post, “ You won’t go hungry so much.

Trump plans to spend the summer in Bidminster playing golf on the club’s 36-hole private course and attending a pro-Trump fundraiser. Guardian writes.

The cost of protecting the Trump family’s bodyguards has long been an unanswered question for the media. In a book by Washington Post reporter Carol Leennig, she now estimates the total at $ 600 million for the four years at the White House, the highest to date. The mission adds to the fact that Donald, Melania Trump, his five children and son-in-law Jared Kushner are still receiving state-funded protection.

Donald Trump waves goodbye as he leaves the White House by helicopter.

Donald Trump waves goodbye as he leaves the White House by helicopter.

Photo: Alex Brandon / AP

Donald Trump decided to extend bodyguard protection for six months to family members before leaving office in January. Something that others who left their posts did.

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