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Trump and DeSantis are in a battle for the presidential bid

Very conservative Ron DeSantis It is the Republican who stands the most opportunity to seriously challenge the former president Donald Trump Before the 2024 elections.

– We need the courage to lead and the strength to win, DeSantis says in a minute-long video posted to Twitter.

As governor, DeSantis made a name for himself with several major political moves to the right and his efforts to make Florida a conservative “model state” — something he emphasized in the campaign video that launched his presidential campaign. He is popular at home. Florida, once known as the home wave state, is now almost a Republican stronghold.

Common sense is no longer an uncommon virtue. In Florida, we’re proving it can be done. We choose facts over fear. Education on indoctrination. Law and order over riot and chaos.

technical problems

The 44-year-old Republican revealed his presidential campaign in a filing with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday night, ahead of a planned streaming conversation with the Twitter owner. Elon Musk At night according to Finnish time.

But the planned interview, which was to be broadcast on Twitter, suffered major technical problems after half a million people tried to tune in to the session. Many were unable to follow the conversation.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump counterattacked DeSantis. In a campaign video Trump posted to his own platform Truth Social, DeSantis is accused of riding on the former president’s success.

There is only one person who can make America great again, says one of the speakers.

Fact: There can only be one Donald Trump.

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Hours before the announcement, Trump wrote in a social media post that DeSantis could not win the presidential election or primaries because of the way he had previously voted in Congress on Social Security and Medicare.

Trump: “a disloyal person”

“He too is in dire need of a personal transplant and as far as I know it is not medically available yet. He is unfaithful!” Trump wrote of his rival.

Republicans have something in common. DeSantis, who would not have been governor of Florida without Trump’s support, has adopted the former president’s fiery personality, populist policies, and even some of his rhetoric and behavior.

But: DeSantis considers himself more electable in the general election, as Trump faces many legal challenges, among other things.

Despite this technical nonsense. The Florida governor’s Twitter conversation with Musk lasted more than an hour. DeSantis did not mention Trump once.

On the other hand, he criticized the authorities who, in connection with the epidemic, called for a lockdown, which, according to him, has nothing to do with science.

– said DeSantis, I think the US authorities should admit their mistakes.

Ron DeSantis

Republican Ron DeSantis, 44, has been the governor of Florida since 2019. He won the 2018 election by just one percentage point over Democrat Bill Nelson.

In the 2022 runoff, support grew and DeSantis won by a wide margin (59.4 percent to challenger Charlie Crist’s 40.0).

DeSantis was born in Jacksonville, North Florida, and raised in Dunedin. He is married and has three children with former journalist Casey DeSantis.

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DeSantis is the only Republican who can seriously take the fight against Donald Trump to become the party’s presidential nominee in the 2024 election.

An aging population, DeSanti’s popularity among Hispanic voters, electoral changes in Florida counties and a fat campaign fund are some of the factors cited by US media as explanations for the Republicans’ success in the state.

Source: TT