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Trump has turned himself in to court in Georgia

The operation took about 30 minutes and she is 77 years old Donald Trump He is suspected of committing crimes on 13 counts, documents released by local police show. He was also forced to take a selfie (the so-called mug photo), something Trump was not required to do in previous court hearings.

Outside the Fulton County Jail, dozens of supporters of the former president gathered to show their support for his arrival. Dissidents were also present, but the two groups were much smaller than the media mob that also gathered at the heavily guarded entrance.

Paid guarantee

After Trump posted a bail amount equivalent to about 2.2 million crowns, he was taken back to the airport, where he hopped on his plane back to his home in New Jersey. While on the plane, Trump commented on the indictment, which he called a “parody of justice,” and also insisted he “did nothing wrong.”

– If you object to the outcome of the election, you should have the opportunity to do so, he told reporters just before joining.

Moments later, Trump posted the image of the “mug photo” on his social media platform TruthSocial with the caption “electoral impact” and a link to his campaign.

Shortly thereafter, he posted the same post to X, formerly Twitter — his first post there since his account was suspended after the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

owner Elon Musk He reopened Trump’s account last November, an opportunity the former president has yet to take advantage of.

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suspected of extortion

The indictment – one of four major cases in which Trump is suspected of crimes – relates to allegations that he tried to influence the results of the 2020 election in the state, including through extortion.

It also has to do with the fact that Trump and his allies regarding the election spread false rumors about election fraud and urged officials and politicians to nullify Biden’s victory.

He is also suspected of planning to send bogus electors, the people who officially vote for the winner of a state election, to Atlanta.

This is the fourth time since March that the former president has been charged. In total, he is suspected of committing 91 crimes.

District Attorney General Fanny Willis The state of Georgia wants the trial to begin on October 23 of this year, according to a document it provided to the court on Thursday, CNN reported.

Lawsuits against Donald Trump

Four major criminal charges have been brought against former President Donald Trump. In addition, a number of civil and financial disputes are ongoing.

Washington, DC

Donald Trump was indicted in early August for attempting to overturn the results of the presidential election. The federal indictment is the heaviest of the ongoing legal proceedings, the four counts related to the January 2021 storming of the Capitol. The investigation is being led by Special Counsel Jack Smith, who has suggested the trial begin January 2.


Mar-a-Lago, Florida

Trump was indicted last June on 37 counts primarily related to the former president’s handling of classified and sensitive government documents that were stored at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, after his time in the White House. This investigation is also federal and is being led by Jack Smith. The trial is scheduled for May next year, just six months before the presidential election in which Trump wants to run.

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Accounting Crimes in New York

The indictment, which was filed in March, includes 34 counts against Donald Trump, who is accused of, among other things, ordering payments to people who threatened to release sensitive information about him in connection with the 2016 presidential campaign. The trial in the state case is scheduled for March 2024. .


Georgia State

The indictment covers 19 people, including Donald Trump, and relates to attempts to overturn the election results in Georgia through, among other things, spreading rumors and bogus voters. In the center is Trump’s phone call to state election official Brad Raffensperger, in which the then-president told him to “find the 11,780 votes” needed to defeat Joe Biden there.

Source: TT