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Trump on Mexican border: "Biden destroys our country"

Trump on Mexican border: “Biden destroys our country”

Former President Donald Trump visited the southern border of the United States on Wednesday to criticize changes in his successor’s immigration policy. He said the border with Mexico was “more dangerous than ever” and that Biden was “destroying the country.”

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-Rump will not leave the presidential election: We won them with a big advantage. “Biden is destroying our country before our eyes”

– “Biden withdraws from the United States”; “The country is being destroyed before our eyes.” Trump spoke at a conference in North Carolina. An important announcement has been made!

There was never a limit like we had, but now they have opened it. (2) We now have an open, very dangerous border, which is more dangerous than ever in our history and needs to be restored sooner. [poprzedni stan]

– Trump said during a conference in Weslaco on the southern tip of Texas.

Despite the current session of Congress, a group of 31 Republican MPs in the House of Representatives joined Trump in Texas.

This is the former president’s second public appearance in recent days, following Saturday’s election rally in Ohio. In both cases, Trump spoke out about the border crisis that has been brewing for months. More than a million people have been detained for trying to cross the border illegally since last October, the highest number in two decades, according to government figures.

Biden destroys our country “

If you have no borders, you have no country. (…) Biden destroys our country

Trump argued.

Even during his reign the number of those who came to the frontier began to increase, but it was related to others. With catastrophic hurricanes in Central America, Trump insists the new administration is to blame for the current situation.

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He pointed out, among other things, the need to stop fencing the border and change the policy that some asylum seekers have to wait for an end to this matter in Mexico.

At the same time, however, Vice President Kamala Harris, during a visit to Guatemala in June, called on Central American residents not to “come to the United States” because they would be deported and used by human traffickers.

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