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Trump supporters fear after the crackdown on Rudy Giuliani

On Wednesday, federal agents raided Rudy Giuliani, a former New York mayor and former lawyer for Donald Trump.

They searched his apartment and office and confiscated his computer. Giuliani is under investigation for suspicious actions in Ukraine ahead of last year’s elections. There he is said to have produced compromising information about Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden.

He says the repression worries Donald Trump’s inner circle CNN Sources.

It was a force message that sent a message to the Trump circle that more things could happen, says someone who works near Donald Trump on the news channel.

Hates searching for a home

The concern is that the US Department of Justice will take more resources to delve into the actions of the then president. The source believes that the house search was excessive and mostly for visibility.

– For God’s sake, I can’t understand why you are sending seven FBI agents to get a computer and a laptop.

Other Trump allies believe the pressure on Giuliani, and the fact that Donald Trump has fired him as a lawyer, may prompt the 76-year-old lawyer to turn on his former boss.

Similar to Michael Cohen

When Donald Trump’s aide Michael Cohen began her time with a police investigation in 2018, he changed his mind about his boss at the time – and became an outspoken critic. Cohen was later found guilty of tax offenses, among other things.

Another source close to Donald Trump told CNN that “the vast majority of loyalists have turning points.”

Robert J. Costello, Giuliani’s defense attorney, wrote in a statement to CNN that Trump’s allies are being mistreated by the judiciary:

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“Republicans who vocal support President Trump are being subjected to false accusations and methods that were previously used against criminal gangs and terrorists.”

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