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TSC: Awesome competition for Polish jumpers. Only Kubacki pips

Daoud Kobaki was the only pole to score in the World Cup Ski Jump competition in Oberstdorf, which opened the prestigious Four Hills Championship. Our player took only 28th place. Japan’s Ryoyu Kobayashi won.

Before the competition, Piotr Żyła awakened the hopes of Polish fans for the good performance of our players, who won the pilot series. Unfortunately, the popular “Wiewiór” broke the jump in the first series of competitions. He achieved only 114 meters and lost to Russian Yevgeny Klimov (122 meters).

Participating in his fate was also: Camille Stoch (118 m), who lost to Slovenian Sen Breivk (122 m), Jacob Woolny (118 m), who turned out to be weaker than the German Stefan Leahy (124.5 m) and Bowie. Wąsek (121, 5 m), in comparison with the Swiss Killian Peier (121.5 m in worse conditions).

The only white and red we saw in the second round was David Kobaki (111.5m). Our opponent – despite a shorter jump – defeated Austrian Manuel Wittner (114.5 m). Kubacki was 27th after the first round. In the second – after jumping to 113.5 m – he fell in one position.

Only one mogul was promoted to Series Two of the 4-Hills-Tournament Championship…six years ago.

Japan’s Ryoyu Kobayashi (128.5 m and 141 m) won. The second is the Norwegian Halvor Egner Granerud (132 AD and 133 AD). The podium was completed by fellow countryman, first round leader, Robert Johansson (135.5m and 131m).

Another TCS competition – January 1 at Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The rehabilitation session will take place the day before.

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We need to calm down now because there are so many emotions. We will definitely talk tomorrow. You can see that the workouts are not bad, and the competition is worse. It turned out so bad – Dolezal rating on Eurosport.

after the tournament. this is the truth. We must now go to the games. Attitude (combatants) is good, attitude towards fighting. But we have to talk tomorrow Repeat the Czech coach.