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Turkey opens door to ratification of Paris Agreement

Erdogan said on Tuesday that the deal would be presented to the Turkish parliament in October. The news agency reported that if approved, Turkey will be the last of the G20 countries to ratify the agreement Reuters. The goal, according to Erdogan, is to get ready approval before the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow in November.

Ratification of the agreement means that the country is bound by an international agreement.

The Turkish president said, according to Reuters, that Turkey had postponed ratification of the agreement due to “grievances related to responsibility.” Erdogan claims that progress has now been made on this point.

The global Paris Agreement was developed in 2015 with the aim of limiting global warming and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One of the goals of the agreement is to keep the increase in average global temperature to a maximum of 1.5 degrees.

according to new report By the Climate Action Tracker (CAT), nearly all countries have failed in their climate policies to achieve the goals.

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