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Twitch data leak source library game streamers ranking earnings

An anonymous user of the infamous 4chan forum shared a file of approximately 125 GB in torrent format.

As reported by VGC Gateway (videogameschronicle) The shared folder contains the actual working source code of the Twitch streaming platform along with developer annotations going back to the site’s historical origins.

The stolen data also includes:

  • Earning history of creators (banners) since 2019
  • Twitch client files for mobile, PC, and console
  • Software development tools (SDKs) and internal AWS services used by Twitch
  • Unreleased game library (Steam competition) produced by Amazon Game Studios
  • Internal Twitch tools designed to improve security against (seemingly ineffective) cybercriminal attacks
  • Data on other Twitch products (including IGDB and CurseForge)

It is still uncertain whether files shared on the network also include personal user data, including logins, email and passwords. However, it should be noted that in this case, for portal users, the most secure solution would be to change the password and turn on two-step verification. It requires confirmation of the login on an additional device, thanks to which the risks of account capture by cybercriminals are significantly reduced.

There are many indications that the files shared by the hackers still do not represent the totality of the stolen data. The person who posted the torrent on 4chan pointed out that this is only the first part, which indicates that we can expect more posts of this type in the near future.

How much do banners earn?

On social media platforms you can already find salary data of the most famous players in the world, as well as Poland. The illegally obtained information covers the period from August 2019 to October 2021. Among the streaming companies, there are popular titles such as Asmongold, Ludwig, Amouranth, Shroud, Ewron and Izak. Earnings are posted monthly or as a whole.

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According to the disclosed data, the best source of profit in September 2021 is xQc, with a monthly salary of 2.9 million PLN. In turn, from 2019 to 2021, CriticalRole made the largest profit, amounting to PLN 37 million. The next banners on the platform are xQc and Summit. Ewron earns the best in Poland, with 1.2 million zlotys from 2019.

There are already entries on Twitter that share the earnings of Polish artists. They are as follows:

VGC also suggests that the files were stolen earlier this week and the company was aware of the leak.

The situation may be related to the protests of portal users against the phenomenon of hate, which is a very common phenomenon on Twitch. In addition, the company has long been criticized for its negative attitude towards problem creators who openly encourage hate.

It should also be noted that the files were made available to the general public for free, which is rare in the case of cybercriminal attacks, which is an additional argument in support of this theory.

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Twitch confirms hacking of his system

On Wednesday afternoon, the Twitter account of 8.7 million followers confirmed that the platform had been hacked. – Our teams are working hard to find out the scope of (Burglary – Editor) – Reported.

It was noted that as soon as possible, users will receive additional information.