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Twitter accidentally suspends users due to their image policy

Twitter accidentally suspends users due to their image policy

file image. | Credit: Reuters/Steven Lamm

A few days ago, the social network Twitter, a company with a new CEO, launched a new security policy on its social network that sought to enhance transparency by blocking any kind of material, photos or videos of private people without their prior consent, however, The announcement of this new policy left users with a series of doubts and gaps about its implementation that could be used in the wrong way.

As part of the implementation of this new security function, the social network announced to The Washington Post that it has suffered the first setback, as it guarantees that Twitter accidentally suspended 12 journalists focusing on counter-extremism issues After white supremacist activists launched a “malicious and coordinated” attack on false allegations in order to silence these investigators.

Although it was not clear how many reports were sent, Twitter spokesmen assured the international media that the large amount that led to the wrongful suspension of the accounts of these 12 people; But the speakers themselves emphasized that work is already underway to reverse these barriers and they will also begin internal work to ensure that the policy begins to be used “as planned”.

Although Twitter has not explained very well what the outcome of this situation will be, the social network is expected to start modifying or updating this security policy to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

file image.  |  Credit: EFE / John G. Mabanglo
file image. | Credit: EFE / John G. Mabanglo

What is this new policy regarding private photos and videos?

After the resignation of Jack Dorsey and the rise of Parag Agrawal as the company’s new CEO, the social network has not stopped, as It has decided to extend its privacy policy to ban users from sharing photos or videos of ordinary people without their consent.

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Twitter’s security team argued through a statement that sharing people’s private content “could have a disproportionate impact on women, activists, dissidents and members of minority sects,” if this happened, the company would be able to remove media outlets and take steps such as limiting the appearance of tweets in responses and search results, as well as warning the person against deleting certain content that violates the policies or eventually suspending the account of the person subject to this type of practice.

It should be noted that No private content is included in the base, the company also clarified that the contents of public persons will be excluded or also if a photo or video of a private person is shared “for the public interest or adding value to the public discourse”, that is, if this content has the nature of creating news of interest, and for this, the company will analyze what If the image was published in other media such as television or newspapers.

Added to this security policy is the explicit prohibition of sharing personal information about other people such as their phone number, address, financial information or identity, and similarly, blackmailing or threatening anyone with the publication of said personal information is prohibited.

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