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Twitter and its new post are like Instagram’s ‘best friends’

  • The company explains that the tool allows the user to select which accounts can view and interact with a tweet.

  • Accounts in this circle will see content appear with a green tick at the bottom of the Tweet.

  • Twitter also does not allow accounts that are part of this small group to retweet or share content.

Twitter continues to surprise everyone after Elon Musk buys a large part of the social network’s shares. This time the digital platform is betting Give your users the power to choose who can see and interact with your content to introduce you to the new Best Friends widget and feature Twitter Circle.

According to Statista data, in 2021, Twitter recorded revenues of more than $ 5 billion and forThe company incurred a net loss of $221 million.

Likewise, the statistics platform notes that overall, the majority of Twitter’s income was generated through Advertising, a small part was generated through data licenses.

This is how Twitter Circle works

With the Twitter Circle tool, Musk’s new company seeks to display and interact with his content, So I launched this feature similar to “best friends” in Instagram.

The tool aims to share posts with the closest or most trusted people to have more intimate conversations and build closer relationships with them smaller audience.

The company also states that the tool allows the user to select files Accounts can view and interact with a tweet or post.

Therefore, the user must first create a list of up to 150 people and choose who they want to share the post with before sending it; Yes, with all his followers, or with those around you.

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Accounts in this circle will see content appear with a green tick at the bottom of the Tweet.

Also in this new tool, Twitter does not allow accounts that are part of this small group to retweet or share content, but they can reply to tweets.

The user who created the list can modify it at any time and remove/add members without notifying him/her.

The company revealed that this new tool is currently being tested for various users around the world, It can be configured in both iOS and Android apps, as well as through the web version.

Given this, the social network hopes that Twitter circles can prevent users from changing their account settings to public or private every time they want a tweet more access.

Recall that as early as April 2022, tech billionaire and prolific Twitter user Elon Musk made headlines by revealing that he had recently acquired a 9.1% stake in Twitter, valued at nearly $3,000 million, making him the company’s largest shareholder. At the end of April, after a shocking show, Twitter’s board of directors has agreed to sell the company to Musk for $44 billion, pending shareholder approval.

The South African businessman highlighted in all the media that with this acquisition he wants the platform to support The Freedom of Expression Principles you seek to make changes to the platformsuch as changes to existing regulations, open source algorithms, and the elimination of fake accounts.

There are many digital platforms that have updated and launched new features to improve the experience of their users, as did Telegram, which recently announced that it is working on new monetization tools for the platform, by implementing chain reactions and exclusive stickers.

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In addition to the instant messaging platform, WhatsApp said it is working on a feature where users will use it They will be able to interact with emojis in the states, something similar to what happens with Instagram Stories.

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