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Twitter |  CoTweet |  A tool that allows co-authoring of posts |  Applications |  Tweets |  technology

Twitter | CoTweet | A tool that allows co-authoring of posts | Applications | Tweets | technology

Twitter Testing of a new function called CoTweet, which allows the co-authoring of tweets between users of the social network, has begun in a similar way to Collabs of Instagram.

Reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi noticed this new feature at the end of last year, a function he outlined in platform code and Mention users who collaborated on the post.

Paluzzi noted at the time that Twitter’s co-authoring functionality is similar to Instagram’s Collabs, allowing you to share feed and reels content with another user. a) yes, Both can post the same post on their own profiles.

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Now, the social network has begun testing CoTweet on select accounts in Canada, Korea and the United States for a limited time, according to a statement posted on its website.

Twitter points to co-authoring tweets as an option.Helping publication authors to unlock opportunities To attract new audiences and improve their associations.”

To access this feature, One user must create a CoTweet with the message they both want to send And send an invitation to your co-author. This must be one of your followers or have a public account.

If you receive an invitation to appear on CoTweet, the co-author can accept or decline it. If you decide to accept it, This shared tweet is posted to both accounts simultaneously.

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Additionally, these CoTweets will also appear in your followers’ timelines. To see who created the CoTweet, both their profile pictures and Their names will appear at the top of the post.

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From Twitter they pointed out that once it was posted, These tweets cannot be edited. Instead, it can be retweeted, quoted, and included polls, GIFs, images, videos, and links like other posts.

On the other hand, the company only indicated that The original author of CoTweet can pin Tweet to their profile. Also, one of these posts can only be the first tweet in a thread, and none of the authors can promote it.

Finally, Twitter warned that at the end of this beta trial in selected countries, you can disable the functionality. in this way, Any CoTweet may be removed from the social network.