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Two Germans to run the FIFA World Cup Xbox qualifiers | free press

In the European qualifiers on Xbox, there were nine places to win at the FIFA World Cup in London. The underdogs were surprised, and many candidates were eliminated – and they complained about the qualification situation.

LONDON (AP) – Two German esports athletes have qualified for the FIFA World Cup on Xbox. Benedict “BeneCR7x” Bauer of VFL Wolfsburg and Mustafa “Musti” Cancale of FC St. Pauli reached the bottom bracket.

Dutchman Levi “Levi” Frederik won the European qualifiers. “My dream was to qualify for the World Cup, I didn’t even think about winning the qualifiers,” he said in an interview after the final.

Levi from underdog to tournament winner

Levy finished 34th in the pre-tournament world rankings, scoring a superb goal in the last minute of stoppage time, defeating Denmark’s Emil “Klink” Klink (2:1; 2:2).

Only two FGS top ten players got their tickets to the final tournament in London. Six of the nine qualifiers were not even in the top 32 qualifiers this season.

Dullenmike’s dissatisfaction with the tournament format

The sudden heroism of Dylan “DullenMIKE” Neuhausen caused a stir on the scene. The German was considered the favorite after taking first place in the European Xbox rankings.

DullenMIKE had to go to the bottom bracket after the first match of the knockout round against Alessio “GodMode” Carbone (3:2; 2:3; 2:4 nE). “He lost on penalties after I got the equalizer in the 120th minute, and the match is officially over,” the German let his frustration run free on Twitter.

In the bottom half of the tournament, DullenMIKE lost to France’s Diogo “Peixoto” Peixoto (1:2; 3:6) and missed the World Cup qualifiers after a dominant season. On Twitter, he criticized the situation: “No need to talk about coordination, everyone knows it’s bad. It feels great to know, to play at your best for a year for absolutely nothing.”

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