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Two Swedes accused in Finland – suspected of robbery and kidnapping

Published on 2023-09-09 21:27

The men are suspected of threatening their victim with a machete.

Four Swedish men are suspected of kidnapping and robbing a person in Finland.

One of the men is also suspected of threatening his victim with a machete.

Now everyone is downloaded.

Six young people – two Finns and four Swedes – held a birthday party at the beginning of summer at an Airbnb apartment in Jyväskylä, Finland.

During the party, the men decided to smoke snuff, something that is not sold legally in Finland. They went to the home of someone who had a stash of snuff, and threatened to kill the person and his family.

One of the Swedish men allegedly held a machete to the victim’s neck, among other things. They then robbed the man of 192 snuff sticks and forced the person to provide his bank code.

In total, they attempted to transfer approximately SEK 360,000 from the victim’s bank account – but a larger portion of the transfer was stopped by the bank.

They then detained the person all night until they forced the victim to go to a gas station there. There the kidnapper was able to call for help.

Police later found the six young men and arrested them. All are now being tried in Finland, on suspicion of, among other things, aggravated robbery, unlawful threats and money laundering, according to reports. Al-Masaa newspaper.